Barbeque Cover Extra Large Heavy Duty Waterproof Material For All Hooded BBQS All New Stock


£33.99 inc. tax

£28.33 ex. tax
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Barbeque Cover Extra Large Heavy Duty Waterproof Material For All Hooded BBQS All New Stock Summary

Top quality exterior BBQ covers


Waterproof marine polyester 600 density fabric with inner PVC lining
Pipe stitching elastic bottom hem
Secure fit in all conditions - these will not blow away
All year round protection from rain, dirt, dust, snow, pollen & contaminants
Dark navy colour matching storage bag supplied logo to one side only
Easily placed/removed/BBQ

Size: E
195 cm W | 120cm H | 70cm DEEP
(73 in) ( 47 in ) ( 28 in )

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Heavy Duty BBQ Cover - Matt - 07/08/2013
Unbelievable cover. It really couldn't be any better, worth every penny. Super strong, very heavy (so not blown around by the wind) and completely water proof. My bbq is more protected now than when it was stored in my garage. Just wish they made some for patio furniture as well, as I'd have the whole set.

5 product stars
Excellent BBQ cover - Michael Duncan - 10/30/2014
I have had this now for 3 years and it only needs replaced now.My BBQ is on my roof and as i live in Malta has been in the sun all year round.Waiting to buy another one

4 product stars
Good but not everlasting - W Kenny - 05/21/2014
BBQ cover is made of decent quality canvas and protects your precious BBQ from the elements well. Unfortunately the canvas suffers from UV light, even in central Scotland where the sun seldom shows it's face the cover is discolored and weakened to a point that it has some small tears from putting on/taking off the BBQ. In summary I will be buying the same again as a replacement, it may not last forever but it protects well and £30 every two years is a price I'm willing to pay to protect a BBQ/grill worth ten times that.

3 product stars
Cover - Mark Douglas - 05/04/2014
We struggled to find a cover big enough for our BBQ but this one fits great. However in less than 18 months it has faded completely from green to a dull grey colour and gone so fragile it tears as soon as you pull it on and off. An expensive cover if you have to change it every season.

2 product stars
Impressive at First - Richard Poulter - 05/18/2014
Very impressed at first, strong and fitted well. But again after 12 months or so, it has faded and become weaker and started to rip so now needs replacing. Doesn't have enough UV stability, if they sorted that out it would get top marks I'm sure

2 product stars
Not the best - S Wright - 10/16/2013
I went for the blue option and it has faded badly, and has snagged several times causing small holes. Seems to gain moisture underneath, causing the BBQ to now have small rust spots.Certainly wouldn't say these are much better than your £5.99 B&Q specials !!!!

1 product stars
Poor Quality - Ben - 08/29/2013
After only 15 months this product is scrap.It has faded to an unrecognisable colour and the durable material has become so fragile that it tears when moved on/off the BBQ.It has leaked causing rust on the BBQ and is generally a poor product.If I could give a zero star rating for this product if I could as it wasn't cheap to buy but certainly is a cheaply made product of dubious quality.

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