Marine quality polyester covers,
triple stitched and designed to last.


Our marine fibre stops all liquid getting in - rain, snow, sleet and condensation.


There's no point in keeping the water out the material we use also breaths.

Air Vents

Our vents let the air in but keep the water out - stitched and double stitched.

Pipe Stitching

We design in quality pipe stitching so there are no loose straggly edges.

Elasticated Bottom Hem

The covers stay secure in the strongest wind with a tight, elasticated bottom hem.

1. Choose your cover.
2. Select the size.
3. Pay online.
4. Delivery within 3-5 days.

The Outdoor Protection Journey

We started designing and manufacturing covers when we got heartily sick of the poor quality covers we found on the market. We then designed and redesigned each item to make sure it performed in the real world - the UK - until we got exactly what we wanted.

The material we use is high density marine polyester which is both waterproof and breathable and we put in air vents to help reduce condensation during the dark winter months. Our earlier designs faded in the summer so we then decided to UV treat all our materials so it didn't happen.


The trouble with large pieces of material is that the wind gets under them and tries to pull them away, so we built in elasticated cords into the bottom of all the covers so that didn't happen either. (It also makes it dead easy to put on or remove). 


We also hated that shoddy stitching you get on cheap covers so we make all of our covers using triple pipe stitching so they last a long time.


So if you want all-round protection from rain, snow, sunshine, dirt, dust or any other contaminants that come your way, then we think you will like our covers.

Most Recent Customer Reviews (BBQ Cover)


Much better than the pictures!

The images do not do this BBQ cover justice! I bought the small size, which fits my 13 year old Weber Genesis Silver-B perfectly.

Published 1 month ago by Keith Montomery


Extremely good quality (and fit) for the price.

I'd have paid a lot more for a lot less at my local big-name outlet.
Highly recommended. 10 stars, actually.

Published 2 months ago by Paulk

Delivery Costs (UK Mainland Only)

*Deliveries to the UK mainland, Isle of Man and N Ireland only.

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